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Amazon is testing 2 new phones

Amazon is testing 2 new phones

Amazon đang thử nghiệm hai mẫu smartphone 300x199 Amazon is testing 2 new phones
Amazon is testing 2 new phones
Amazon smartphone is one of the products is expected when the others were familiar to users. 
First phone (codename Smith ) ,equipped with 3D technology. However, that’s not as conventional 3D displays, which Smith will be equipped with up to 4 front camera to track head movements, then creates 3D effects on device
Amazon is said to be to recognize objects in the real world and compare them with the product on the company’s website quickl
Second phone will Free phone offer. It does not have 3D interface as Smith and will not even launch in 2013. TechCrunch said that Amazon is having problems in personnel matters, but the company is trying to coordinate a team of engineers to maintain this project. Last week, Amazon announced two versions of the tablet Kindle Fire HDX 8, 9 inch and 7 inch with powerful configuration, screen resolution, with the price of 230 USD only.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Apple released the update patch and pin for Retina MacBook Pro MacBook Air

Guest Post by Mobile World

macbook air

Apple today released a small update for current users MacBook Pro, Retina MacBook Pro and MacBook Air fixes related to the device's battery.

More specifically, the SMC firmware update for mid 2012 MacBook Pro life, Retina MacBook and MacBook Air mid 2012 and mid 2013. It will patch stops working or the battery itself hangs system when the battery capacity is less than 1%.

In addition, the update will also overcome the machine automatically shut down or inactive while charging cycle beyond 1000 cycles charger (cycle).

Currently this update was available on the Mac App Store, users can download and update your machine.

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App Development : Ipad advanced development methods



Good apple iphone training can be hard to find, also it appears like you can easily find 100s available on market. Regrettably most of the local classes are just trained through the book so there’s no advanced instruction.

Here is what’s promising for individuals searching for some professional, advanced instruction : .A totally free advanced apple iphone development course continues to be launched on iTunes featuring Dr. Kaira Larson of Sunset Lake Software, creator from the popular free apple iphone application Molecules.

This course features 14 periods and comes with notes.Subjects covered include iPad specific programming, threads, Core Animation, Quarta movement 2d and OpenGL iphone/iPad Application Development

As more customers embrace mobile phone technologies the interest in mobile phones is anticipated to soar. Therefore, it is no real surprise that increasingly more cell phone suppliers are on the point of contend with feature-wealthy mobile phones to capture a share of the lucrative market. The soaring interest in mobile phones is resulting in an explosive requirement for cell phone programs to grow the fundamental functionality of those products which, when they’re downloaded and installed, also produces an enormous inventory of potential cell phone coverage that may be making money by marketers through mobile ad systems.

Ipad advanced development methods  Ipad advanced development methods

Apple iphone/iPad Database Integration Services

To assist companies and organizations develop and leverage mobile business programs, mobile entertainment, social games and cease the revenue and brand visibility possibilities the mobile smartphone platforms can offer, Advanced Media Productions offers mobile and web-based database integration services for that Apple iOS platform. Our strong abilities and extensive experience of interaction design, Web usability, C and C++ native-code languages, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, Ajax and also the native Apple SDK, positions us like a unique partner for development and delivery of scalable and powerful programs for that iOS platform.
We are able to provide clients with an array of services to add mass to native apple iphone/iPad programs, varying from the couple of times of upfront talking to to strategy development, functional needs gathering, specs writing and development, to final testing and deployment. Our expert development teams help clients take full advantage of cell phone software around the iOS platform.


Mobile Development Strategy

Because of the quickly altering mobile smartphone technology making the best platform and implementation choices can be tough. Which platform is most effective for that customers’ application and technical needs? How you can design the screen layout and navigation to guarantee the greatest usability? Will we implement the applying like a native application or web application? Do you know the tradeoffs between cost, functionality and awesome features?

Our database integration process starts with gathering the customers’ goals and business objectives and strategy development to guarantee the long term success from the application from concept evaluation to development and maintenance. Our team of developers has got the experiencence to recognize and exploit the possibilities that increase the value of the mobile application and also the business.


Apple iphone Database Integration Process
Advanced Media Productions supplies a complete and integrated process to add mass to apple iphone, ipod device Touch and iPad native programs while using apple iphone SDK. Our development way of the apple iphone/iPad covers the whole process from design and development towards the information architecture and deployment from the application within the Apple AppStore.
Development begins with writing or examining the running needs, determining the screen layout, interface design and creating the look comps from the end product. This gives us the building blocks for more growth and development of an apple iphone/iPad application that actually works and it is simple to maintain and promote. All mobile database integration projects is going to be developed based on the Apple iOS development recommendations and therefore are performed to some precise schedule of key events and deliverables.
Not just has Advanced Media Productions extensive knowledge about mobile application testing and deployment, our proven team of developers also offers significant knowledge of areas of consumer experience design and usability testing.
apple iphone


Development Platform
The Apple apple iphone, ipod device Touch and iPad are mobile smartphone device produced by Apple Computer running with an Apple proprietary operating-system known as iOS. Mobile programs for that apple iphone, ipod device Touch and iPad are developed using Apple’s SDK.
Once developed, an apple iphone/iPad application is used through Apple Computer, which handles all apple iphone/iPad programs through its Application Store situated within Apple’s iTunes platform. Before a credit card applicatoin is positioned around the Application Store, Apple must review and approve the applying.
Our iPhone/iPad application development services range from the following.


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predicted G Pro Lite Dual


A Russian site says the upcoming LG handset will launch Dual G Pro Lite, a stripped down version of G Pro in terms of configuration and is cheaper, about $ 400.


This is a dual SIM machine and still have big screens 5.5 “like a G Pro, however, the resolution is reduced to 960 x 540.

Machine with 1GHz dual-core chip, 1GB of RAM, 8MP camera and battery capacity up to 3140 mAh, the same brother G Pro. prediction machine will be introduced in Russia in mid-October of this.

Additionally, a special Dual Lite version is more machine pen touch G Pro which did not previously exist. now we can see the current trend of the company is manufacturing more phones tablet with acceptable price

  • Below is the configuration of the predicted G Pro Lite Dual.
  • Supports dual SIM Android 4.1.2 CPU: dual-core 1GHz
  • Display: IPS 5.5 ” resolution of 960 x 540 RAM: 1GB
  • Camera follows: 8MP Internal Memory: 8GB
  • Memory Card: microSD Battery: 3.140mAh
  • Dimensions: 76.9 x 150.2 x 9.48 mm

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    Photo editing apps for mac review

    Apple Mac are really an active schedule-to machines for creative for several yearly now, through getting an intuitive interface favorable to obtain imaginative work done rapidly and effectively. When the involves image and photo editing jobs, that's mostly lower for that superb programs on Mac OS X. From lightweight editing programs like Simply HDR for that leaders from the marketplace like Illustrator and Aperture, ideas pick our ten favorite image and photo editing apps for Mac.

    Adobe Illustrator may be the program connected with preference for professional image editors around the globe getting its layer-based workflow, along with the latest CS6 Extended version is obviously the very best build yet. A totally new interface uses much deeper tone to create your images the main concentrate the applying, since the new Mercury graphics engine enables effective tools like Liquify, Puppet Warp and Transform to create changes instantly. Better crop, RAW imports, task automation, video editing, blur options and text editors join headlining features such as the Content-Aware Patch tool that smartly fills the gaps in images you've edited, sprang or changed. If you're able to make a transformation for the image, Illustrator can deliver it.
    If you purchase one application relevant for this list, Illustrator must be it.

    Just about everyone has recently been through it: a normally excellent digital photo, marred by an intrusive landmark or random stranger who walked towards the frame inside an inopportune moment. Professional clients with deep pockets make short work of individuals problems with Illustrator, but how about average clients? Snapheal introduces three unique patented technologies& within the Mac application making eliminating undesirable objects as simple as one, two, three. Developer MacPhun states,  does miracle for that photos.It is a bold claim we occur to accept.Snapheal includes tools from six different groups: Erase, Clone & Stamp, Retouch, Adjust, Crop, and Rotate/Switch.

    The very first is what most clients will drop Twenty Dollars for, offering three different Eraser modes for effortlessly getting rid of objects. Wormhole is suggested for small objects and getting rid of skin blemishes, Shapeshift is perfect on large objects, and Twister occupies other things.Nearly situations are completed however application window, which will keep things easy and simple , the menus sparse. iPhoto and Aperture images may be imported having a lightning-fast iLife-style browser, and Snapheal can load others from disk, including RAW, JPEG, and TIFF files. Photos can also be imported from an iOS device or camera, a enjoyable time-saving option when you want to do a quick solution. The process is simple: click Choose, adjust your Brush size, and fresh fresh fresh paint within the area you need to remove & don't worry lots of about precision the using is wise enough to find out which you are attempting to choose generally. Choose an Eraser mode while using criteria above after which click Erase. While Snapheal is processing, you will be given a number of  amazing particulars that appears within the status bar to create time pass more rapidly, like 60 percent of statistics comprise.(Hats away and off and away to the developer using this little bit of clever coding.)

    More compact sized objects process inside a couple of minutes, but bigger objects typically takes 1 minute or higher.Just just in case the very first attempt is under magical, simply undo and search for the following Eraser mode. Some images we put at Snapheal labored wonderful, nonetheless sooner or later it is dependent simply how much free space is among the objects you need to remove, that's the way a application fills within the void overlooked. If you are satisfied, save to a single of 5 different formats (TIFF, PNG, OpenEXR, JPEG, or JPEF-2000). Edited images may also be shared via email, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, or Twitter effortlessly, furthermore with a one-click export to iPhoto. Sadly, Aperture could possibly get no love here.Clearly, Snapheal has plenty more to provide in addition to eliminating, with easy-to-use image editing tools for novice clients which are also effective enough for pros. The using uses OS X Lion niceties like full-screen mode, but oddly omits standard screen-hiding options (Command-H does nothing). We are attempting to discover additional keyboard approaches for energy clients later on versions, but Snapheal had been worth more than your buck.In conclusion. Snapheal will in most probability seem like miracle because it will the heavy-lifting of moving digital bits around with minimal effort inside the user. It is also fun to make the most of: you will find yourself getting rid of objects or even people from photos simply since. For just about any version 1. release, Snapheal becomes manifest pretty rapidly, clever, and stable.